12 Ways to Train Better

Switch it up. 

A lot of people find what suits them and then exclusively do that routine forever. Your body quickly adapts to any training you do, and keeping your body guessing with new methods and exercises will see your fitness continue upward.

Be confident.

If fearing judgement is keeping you from the field or the gym then remember that other people that really care about fitness will respect you for being there at all. As soon as you believe in yourself you’ll see that everyone else will too.

Be patient.
Change won’t happen overnight. Stop checking the scales every day. And understand that there are no real shortcuts; progress is slow and that’s okay. The time necessary for noticeable improvement ensures that training becomes a lifelong habit.



Eating the right vitamins, drinking the right liquids, and taking in the right nutrients are all essential in optimising your training. Also there are effective muscle rubs and creams available online that can make certain you perform at your best every session.

Stay hydrated.

Water shouldn’t just be gulped down in between sets or laps- your body needs plenty of water all day long to flush out waste from your muscles and help recover your body. Staying properly hydrated even increases your focus.

Ignore the mirrors.

Gyms often make use of mirrored walls for reasons debateable. Paying too much attention to how you look (or even checking out the surrounding talent) is just eating in to time more wisely spent training harder. Posers don’t rise above the rest (with the exception of Usain Bolt).


Don’t snack just before/after.

If you snack before an intense period of training then you’re asking to throw up. And a lot of people feel as if they’ve earned a burger on the way home after a good session, which basically renders the whole exercise useless. Make sure you get some healthy proteinous food consumed inside of an hour afterwards, and trust me your body will thank you.

Go hard.

Can you honestly say you give it your all every time? I’d be surprised if most people even give 50% Obviously burning too bright will extinguish you quicker, but at least go 8/10 otherwise your energy is going to turn into fat.

Sort out your metabolism.

Eat at the right times, and eat the right things. You have a degree of control over how fast your body is working, and if you keep it from storing fat with simple things like never missing breakfast then you’ll see the difference quite quickly.


Set goals.

Setting clearly understandable, and feasibly achievable, goals is one of the fundamental methods of maximising the effectiveness of your training. Short term and long term. In fact, this technique works for most things in life!


Preparing properly prevents injury. It doesn’t take long and you’ll wish you had when you sustain easily avoidable strains and pulls.


Perhaps most important of all is getting a healthy amount of sleep. Winding down is something neglected by most, in favour of switching straight from bright screens to shut eyelids. It’s not just 7+ hours that you need. It’s dark, silent, uninterrupted sleep, preceded by an hour or so of relaxing that’ll ensure you’re adequately recovered for tomorrow’s training.