5 Great Reasons to Take Up Boxing


Why boxing should be your next hobby

From increased fitness, strength and agility, to improved discipline and self-confidence, there are many great reasons to take up boxing.

If you’re looking for a new hobby this summer you might want to take up boxing. You may think that it’s just two people in a ring hitting each other, but there is a lot more to the sport than that, and it offers a number of physical and mental benefits to both amateurs and professionals alike.

Overall workout

Boxing is one of the best overall workouts you can do. It works all the muscle groups in your body and, with its bursts of high intensity followed by periods of recovery, can burn over 700 calories in just one hour. Regular participants in the sport enjoy fat loss, greater muscle tone, improved fitness levels and increased speed, agility and strength.

New skills

Learning new skills can help to keep your brain sharp and slow cognitive ageing, and boxing is a great way of doing this. As a new boxer you will learn a wide range of new skills and techniques, including adopting the correct stance, performing the right footwork, and mastering the different types of punches, such as jabs, hooks and uppercuts. As an added bonus, boxing will also help you to improve your hand-eye coordination and general bodily control.


Another big benefit of taking up boxing is the improvements it can offer to your self-confidence. Learning and mastering a new skill makes you feel competent and confident which, in turn, helps to boost your self-esteem. What’s more, as a boxer you will learn to defend yourself, and knowing that you can look after yourself should the situation arise is sure to give you more confidence.

Relieve stress

With longer working hours, high-pressured jobs and a reduction in free time, stress is a common problem in today’s modern world. Boxing is a really effective method of relieving stress; physical exertion (which boxing involves a lot of!) releases endorphins which provide a natural ‘high’ and are proven to improve your mood, and taking out all of your frustrations on a punch bag at the end of a hard day at work can be incredibly therapeutic.

Discipline and self-control

In order to succeed as a boxer you need to stay focused and in control of your emotions and actions, and as you progress in the sport you will find yourself developing a high level of discipline and self-control. As well as being a big advantage when in the ring, you will also find this attitude spilling over into and benefiting other areas of your life

There are so many great reasons to take up boxing and, while it can be hard work, it can ultimately be extremely rewarding. If you think it could be the sport for you, find a good gym or trainer to get you started and get yourself kitted up with a basic set of quality equipment. A skipping rope, hand wraps, a good pair of gloves, such as twins boxing gloves, and a water bottle should be all you need when first starting out. Add to this a healthy dose of desire and commitment, and a capacity for hard work, and you’ll be well on your way to boxing success.