5 Simple Ways to Flatten and Tone Your Tummy in Time for Summer

Just about everybody would like to flatten and tone their tummy in time for summer. In order to do this, many people really cut down their calories and do ridiculous amounts of crunches/sit ups every day. Unfortunately, this kind of regime is unrealistic in many ways. Not only is cutting down on calories bad for our bodies in the long run, the second we begin to eat normally again we put weight back on. You need enough calories to keep yourself energies and nourished. Plus, hundreds of crunches aren’t going to do anything if you haven’t got your diet pretty much perfect (and it’s boring!). I say diet, but what I really mean is lifestyle. This should be a lifestyle change – there are no quick fixes in the real world of health and fitness! With that in mind, here are 5 simple ways you can flatten and tone your tummy in time for summer. All you need is determination, will power, and the right mindset!

Eat Clean

Eating clean food is key to cutting down some of that body fat and getting a better physique all over your body, not just your tummy. Avoid foods that have a load of ingredients, and try to stick to things that are all natural or have as few ingredients as possible. Your diet should contain healthy proteins, fats, and carbohydrates and minimal sugar. Eat plenty of veg, lean meat, eggs, nuts, greek yoghurt, honey if you need sweetness, and sweet potato. Avoid deep fried foods, chips, battered food, breaded food, and other things that aren’t quite natural. You can use supplements to help you reach your goals though, like protein shakes to help your muscles if you’ve done a tough workout, and fat burners from top fat burnerss to get your body fat % down.

Avoid ‘Diet’ Foods

People often think they’re being healthy when they eat ‘diet’ food, like Weight Watchers meals and Diet Coke. However, these meals and drinks have a ton of chemicals in them, detrimental to our health in the long run. They also don’t fill us up as much as real food and make us crave things that are bad for us!

Eat Treats in Moderation

The good news is you don’t have to cut out treats completely. You need to exercise the art of moderation, and learn to allow yourself a treat every now and again rather than every day. Why not try your hardest to eat clean mon-sat and have a few nice treats on a sunday? You could have your favourite meal and a pudding afterwards, then go straight back to eating clean. No need to feel guilty!

Drink At Least 2 Litres of Water Per Day

Water is the key to weight loss, as we’re made up of around 65% water. If we become dehydrated, we can bloat because our body holds on to old water in our system…not good! Drink at least 2 litres per day, many people drink 4 litres per day and report amazing results! Don’t cheat though – fizzy flavoured water doesn’t count.

Start Exercising

Now you’ve got your diet down, you can begin exercising. Just about any exercise could help you slim down, so start with walking if you’re a total beginner. You can then perhaps go jogging, and do some resistance training to build up your strength and improve tone.

Summer is just around the corner – don’t wait any longer to take action!



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