5 Steps to Improving Your Abdominal Muscles

A lot of us would like to have better, more toned abs. But if you want them, you have to put the work in. You can’t sit around doing nothing and then complain that you don’t have great abs! Here are 5 steps to achieving the improvements you desire.

1. Lose Fat

It’s useless having great abdominal muscles if they’re covered by a layer of fat. That’s why the first step should always be to slim down and lose the fat. So, on top of your muscle training, you should be conducting a regular cardiovascular workout.

Cardio workouts raise your pulse. If you want the ideal cardio workout, go for a run, it’s as simple as that. It’ll aid your muscle building efforts too, so make sure you put some effort into it.

2. Sit-Ups

Sit-ups are still the number one exercise method for anyone trying to build up their abdominal muscles. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you they’re overrating. They’re well known for improving abdominal muscle gain for good reason.

It’s important to make clear that sit-ups don’t cause you to lose fat on your abdomen. It’s not possible to lose fat from one specific area of the body. Sit-ups will strengthen the muscles but won’t be much use for losing fat.


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3. Crunches

Regular crunches are great, they’ll strengthen your abdomen and, alongside your sit-ups, they’ll see you gain muscle if you stick at it. There are other kinds of crunches too though. I’d recommend trying out the bicycle crunch.

Bicycle crunches include the movement of the legs. You move your elbow towards your knee and alternate, carrying out the regular crunch movement. This is a great exercise because the added movement means that you’re strengthening every muscle in that area of your body.

4. Use a Flex Belt

There are pieces of equipment that can make the process even easier for you. If you’ve been working hard but you don’t yet see the gains, you might want to try out a flex belt. They help tone your abdominal muscles without having to put in much extra work.

If you’re not sure whether it’s for you, check out my Flex Belt review. But remember, the belt is an aid to exercise, not a replacement. You’ll still have to work at it if you want to see results in the long-term.

5. Balance Your Diet

Your diet is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s vital to get your calorie intake correct. Don’t make the mistake of believing that muscle gain gives you an excuse to take on a ridiculous amount of calories. You may need slightly more, but fatty foods won’t help.

If you’re focusing on serious muscle gain, you need to up your protein intake. Protein helps muscle gain, so make sure you’re eating plenty of oily fish and meat. It’ all about using your common sense when planning your diet.

For me, the key to improving your abdominal muscles is simple commitment and dedication. The exercises involved aren’t too difficult; you just need to put the effort in!