6 Easy Ways to Stop Sweet Food Cravings

However hard we try to be fit and healthy, those sweet cravings can sometimes get the better of us. You’ve spent a week snacking on carrot sticks and nuts, only to find that come Saturday you’ve raided the cupboard for every sweet treat possible. If you find yourself giving into sweet cravings too often, then here are 6 easy ways to curb that sugar longing.


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1. Fruit

Fruit is full of natural sugars, which can help us get that fix we’ve been looking for. Next time you go to snack on your favourite chocolate bar, consider having a piece of fruit instead. Strawberries and bananas are jampacked with natural sugars and can really satisfy that need. Make yourself a fresh fruit salad next time you feel yourself being tempted by unhealthy snacks. To mix things up a bit try turning your favourite fruits into smoothies and juices, as well.


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2. Chewing Gum

Most chewing gum is completely sugar free, but still has that sweet taste we’ve been looking for. Not only does it help to curb sugar cravings but it can also stop you feeling hungry. Don’t substitute meals and snacks for chewing gum, as this is extremely unhealthy, but make sure you have a pack nearby for when you get those hunger pangs.


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3. Natural Hunger Suppressants

There are plenty of natural appetite suppressants available in health stores and online; that will stop you getting sweet food cravings. Things such as green tea powder, green coffee beans and African mango can all work to keep that need for sugar at bay. Remember, you have to use these suppressants only in between eating and healthy snacks, not as a replacement to food.


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4. Little and Often

By eating little and often, you can reduce any kind of food cravings you get, including those for sugary foods. Many people think that they should just eat 3 meals a day if they want to lose weight, but it is actually better for your metabolism to eat 5-6 small meals a day. Make sure you’re eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2-3 healthy snacks. This will stop you feeling hungry and will keep your natural energy and sugar levels high.


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5. Remove Temptation

The worst thing we can do to ourselves is keep chocolate and sweets in the kitchen cupboards, if we’re trying to cut out sweet foods. Even the most motivated of people will soon give into a little bite here and there. By completely removing the temptation, you will find it so much easier to give up those sugary treats. After all, do you really want to go to the shop just for a chocolate biscuit? If you can’t get rid of all the sweets at home then put an incentive, picture or ‘note to self’ on the inside of your cupboard doors. This will remind you why you’re giving up sweet foods and stop you from digging in.


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6. Quality Sweet Treats

It is okay to have the occasional sweet treat; going cold turkey would drive anyone mad. Try to set yourself goals of how long you can go without that sugar fix and then reward yourself once you’ve hit them. We’re talking weeks or months, not a couple of hours! When you do get a reward make sure it is something high quality and rich, not just a bog standard bar of chocolate. This will satisfy your sweet tooth more and can also feel like a real treat.

Next time you work out a healthy eating regime or diet plan, make sure you think about those sweet food cravings. Our body is so used to sugar that it can make us feel tired or miserable when we’re not getting enough of it; just like any addiction. Use our top tips to get your sugar rush, without ruining your healthy eating plan.