8 Tiny Tricks That Will Make You Feel Instantly Healthier

Hands up, who feels sluggish today? Who woke up with very little energy and a lack of motivation? Don’t worry, it happens to us all. But, there are small things we can do every day to counteract these feelings.

The tiny tricks on this list will instantly improve your mood and health. You’ll get an instant rush of feel-good hormones and juices in your body. The energy kick will make you feel happier, healthier, and stronger. Go on, try one of these tricks right now.

  1. Stretch – A good stretch does wonders for your body. It wrings out your muscles and gets the blood flowing to every corner of your skin. You’ll wake up your cells and stretch out your limbs. Studies show that regular stretching or a quick dose of yoga can boost the feel-good chemicals in your brain.
  1. Eat some fruit – We all know that fruit and veg are good for us. In fact, we ideally need five portions of fruit and veg every day for a healthy diet. We all fall short of that, and there’s no need to beat yourself up about it. However, if you are feeling a little under the weather, eat an apple or a handful of grapes. The injection of fresh juices can give you a boost of healthy energy.
  1. Brush your teeth – Everyone wakes up with a horrible taste in their mouth. It doesn’t just feel bad; it’s actually causing damage to your teeth and gums. That taste is bacteria building up and taking residence in your mouth. Brush your teeth and give yourself a minty fresh feeling.
  1. Put the cigarette down – Smoking might give you a small hit of energy and stress relief in the short-term. But give it an hour and you’ll be on the wrong end of a nicotine crash. Get rid of these mood swings for good by putting down the cigarette. Grab yourself an electronic cigarette start kit instead and take steps to quitting.
  1. Go for a run – You might not know this, but exercise gives you an instant hit of dopamine. It’s a feel-good chemical that boosts your self-esteem, fights of anxiety and gives you energy. A good run will raise your heartbeat and instantly make you feel healthier.
  1. Have sex – It might not be appropriate right now, but studies show that regular sex boosts your antibodies. Yep, it will actually help you fight off diseases and boost your mood.
  1. Get a good night’s sleep – Pencil in an early night at least twice a week. Put the laptop and iPhone away and take the time to relax properly. Learn to switch off and get an uninterrupted eight hours. Set a regular alarm and stop hitting the snooze button! You’ll feel refreshed and energised.
  1. Drink water – H2O is nature’s magical elixir. It keeps your bodily functions flowing smoothly. It keeps your skin hydrated and silky. Most importantly, it gives you energy and helps you feel awake.

Each of these are quick and simple tricks that will instantly make you feel healthier. Try one right now and feel the difference. Try all eight and feel like a super-human!


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