A Brief Guide To Cycling For Beginners

Cycling can be a very good way to both explore the scenery and countryside of Britain and get fit and in shape.  Whether you are interested in taking up road cycling or mountain biking, this brief beginners guide will give you the lowdown on what you need to know to make your cycling experience a safe, comfortable and enjoyable one.

The Bike

Any Bike Is Good Enough

Trust me, if you are just starting then you don’t need a fancy and expensive bike.  It is much better to use whatever you can afford or get your hands on to see if you actually like cycling enough to keep it up.

Adjust Saddle

As well as ensuring that your ride is comfortable, a bike that fits you properly will also help prevent you suffering from injury or pain.  With this in mind make sure that the saddle is sitting level so it can support your body weight entirely.  In order to adjust the saddle so it’s set to the proper height, pedal backwards.  If you can fully extend your leg straight while the pedal is down, then you know the saddle is set at the right height.

Inflate Tyres

Always check the tyres before you start cycling.  Make sure that they are fully inflated and that there are no punctures or holes.  If there are, replace or mend the tyres.

Biking Equipment

Buy A Cycling Helmet

A cycle helmet is essential.  It really is the one piece of biking equipment that you cannot afford to ride without.  It does not matter what your level of experience is or how much it improves, if you are riding a bike you should wear a helmet for safety reasons.  As well as just wearing a helmet, it is important that you wear one that fits you properly.  Head down to your nearest bike shop because they will be able to take measurements and find you a helmet that fits perfectly.

Buy A Water Bottle

If you do not have a water bottle already, you need to buy one as soon as you can and attach it to your bike’s bottle holder.  It doesn’t matter how short or long your rides are, as you just need to make sure that you have water to drink to keep you hydrated while you are cycling.

Buy A Cycle Repair Kit

The more simple cycle repair kits are quite cheap and essential if you will be travelling distances of more than 1 or 2 miles from your home.  Included in the majority of kits are a small all-in-one cycle tool, a spare inner tube for your tyre and a patch puncture repair kit(used for repairing any holes in your tyres) and this is normally held in a small bag that can be attached to your bike without any hassle whatsoever.

Obviously as you start to enjoy your new cycling hobby, you may want to start investing in better equipment or even a new bike; the above guide is enough for any beginner to get started.