Best Tips For Vegans Who Want To Get Fit

As a vegan, you’re probably used to finding the harder way to do just about anything. Everything involving your diet and restaurant choices requires more preparation. If you’re particularly conscientious, this can go for a lot of your health care products, too. It will definitely go for your fitness regimen. Your diet, nutrition and exercise are going to take a lot more effort. So you should at least have some foreknowledge of what’s going to be best for you. This list isn’t about losing weight so much as it is about being fit. In our definition, that means having the right muscle mass, as well.


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Probiotics and prebiotics

Part of maintaining any healthy diet is by looking after your immune and digestion systems. That’s exactly what probiotics and prebiotics are all about. After all, you need your digestive system at top form to break food into the energy you need. There is a growing amount of vegan options in soy yogurts containing probiotics and prebiotics. There are plenty of additions you can make to your diet to get them as well. Some of the tastier options include kimchi and bananas (which also hit that need for potassium). See more options at  

Complex carbs

Everyone has a need of complex carbohydrates if they’re taking on an exercise regime. These are the majority of what your digestion will be turning into the glucose you need for your workouts. Make sure your day begins with complex carbs. Luckily, most forms of these are already perfectly fine for vegans to enjoy. You’re going to want to stock up on your legumes. Dried beans are easy to snack on and one of the best sources of complex carbs. They also have a lot of benefits for hair and skin, too, which is handy.

The right fruit and veg

Now, the nutrition required to build muscle mass, lose weight and improve circulation isn’t easy to get. Not when you’re cutting meat and animal by-products out of your diet. We go on a lot about how vegans can get all the nutrition we need to stay healthy. Which is true, but to make an effective diet of it, you need to be selective of what and how much veg you take. Your main meals are going to contribute of a lot of the darker leafed vegetables, spinach in particular.

Avoiding processed, high-carb drinks

Yes, we just told you to get enough complex carbohydrates. But processed foods tend to contain a lot more simple carbohydrates, which are the opposite of helpful. These are the carbs that are much lower in fibre and slower to digest with less payoff. Even fitness mad people tend to take a lot of these carbohydrates in the form of drinks. So we recommend replacing those beverages with water when possible. Or with smoothies when you need something that isn’t water.

Getting your iron

Protein and iron can be some of the hardest nutritional requirements to source when you need to work out properly. There are plenty of iron rich vegetables, but these non-hema irons are less effective in doing what they’re supposed to. The way you capitalise on them is by absorbing more. This involves eating iron rich foods in smaller portions and eating it alongside vitamin C rich foods. The latter can increase the absorption of iron by up to three times. Find out more at

Getting your protein

Protein is even harder to come by than iron when it comes to maintaining a vegan diet. For a long time, vegans have been left out of the loop when it comes to protein powders. Nowadays, however, powders like those available from are becoming more widespread. The benefits of protein powder have been widely proven in allowing you to do more with each consecutive exercise. Protein is also a key factor in recovering properly and avoiding muscle injuries after intense workouts. Which brings us to our next point.

Go intense

High-intensity training is a fantastic way of seeing much quicker results no matter what your diet. However, it’s particularly well recommended for vegans. This is because, as we’ve been saying, our diets simply make it harder for us to exercise for longer. These kind of intense, short exercises are more difficult. There’s no avoiding that. Following this guide from to build yourself toward them at a
steadier pace. Getting fit is never easy and, as we’ve said, everything’s a
little bit harder for vegans. But with the right preparation and commitment,
nothing should stop you from getting the body you want.