Choosing The Right Swimming Goggles

Whether you swim for fun, competitively or just like a take the odd dip in your local gym's pool, swimming goggles are a very useful tool. Like everything these days though, where do you start? Different shapes, sizes, anti-fog technology, prescription goggles – it can all feel a little over whelming, as easy buying a pair of swimming goggles should be! So, here are a few tips to get the best swimming goggles for YOU.

Comfort is Key

They need to be snug, picture this, you're happily swimming down the fast lane, perfecting your breast stroke and all of a sudden your goggles fill up with water – it's not ideal is it. To remedy this, you'll want to keep your eyes open for a pair of swimming goggles with adjustable straps, a little bit of tweaking in the water and you'll be good to go.

You Need to be Able to See

Why wear the goggles if you can't see through them? Exactly. Most new goggles these days are made with what’s called “anti-fog technology”, and that’s exactly what it does, enables you to clearly see what you're swimming through or over. The technology is possible by chemicals on the lense that prevent the condensation of water from forming – thus keeping you fog free. Originally used by NASA, so, you're in safe hands.

Keeping You Safe

Although the main purpose is to be able to see what's around us, another big plus on swimming goggles is that they keep your eyes safe from all sorts in oceans or swimming pools, there's often debris in the water so you need to be careful. Also, there are a few models of goggle that have tinted Anti-UV lenses, protecting your eyes from the sun when you climb out of the pool or ocean exhausted, just be sure to check on some of the swimming goggle reviews when making your choice.

We hope those points have helped you, be sure to check out for a few more handy tips and reviews on all the latest swimming goggles.