Considerations To Make When Choosing The Best Pull Up Bar

pullup bar

Are you looking for a pull up bar?  If you are, we are not surprised, as it is a great way to get an almost completely full body workout using one piece of equipment.  However, it can be a trickier task than you may have thought it might be.  This is why we put together this post though, to help you find the best pull bar to meet your needs and is suitable for your circumstances.

Where Do You Plan On Using It?

When trying to figure out which pull up bar you are going to purchase, it is important that you give thought to where you are planning to use it.  If you have a garage, basement or somewhere else you can set it up and mount it permanently, then there are specific pull up bars you can buy for that purpose.  Whereas if space is a problem in your home, you will probably need a pull up bar that can easily be set-up and dismantled to be stored away when it is not in use.

What Are You Going To Use It For?

It may sound a bit silly, but really thinking about what you will be using your pull up bar will help you choose the right one from the plethora available on the market.  Obviously you will be doing pull ups, but will you be doing other exercises with it as well.  Some bars available have different handles to enable you to do various grips to target more specifically certain muscle groups, while others come with a variety of extra attachments to enable you to do sit ups, dips as well as pull ups.

Is Quality Really Important?

The short answer is that yes, of course the quality of a product you are parting your hard earned cash with is always important.  Even more so when it is something connected to your health and fitness and when that something has to hold your weight repeatedly.  When you are choosing a pull up bar, you want one that is stable and one that will make you feel safe and secure using it.  You also want to know that it has a reasonably long shelf life.  The unfortunate thing is that many out there do have a long shelf life, but often do not give you that real sense of support and stability you need to give you confidence to exercise using it.  The best way to get a clearer idea of the quality of a pull up bra is by reading online reviews, especially if you cannot get to a shop to take a look at some up close and personal.

How Important Is Price?

Whether you like it or not, how much something costs is very important, as you will obviously have a particular price range in mind that you can afford.  However, you would be be foolish to just buy a piece of exercising equipment based on the price alone.  What you really should be looking for is a combination of something that is affordable while being good value for money.  The last thing you want to do is buy the cheapest bar there is, only to find it is not fit for the job it was designed for or breaks within a relatively short time.