Control Your Diabetes With These Proven Natural Remedies


Diabetes was considered to be one of the top chronic illnesses in the United States and the rest of the world. No matter if you’re just diagnosed or have suffered this degenerative disease for years, you should accept that this one is going to get worse as you age. Although diabetes can’t be cured, but can be managed or prevented from making it worse.

Even young ones aren’t exempted, as there are some of them who have been diagnosed with this chronic illness. As a diabetes patient, you are advised to stay away from eating sweets. It’s something that diabetes patients can’t take it anymore, especially during occasions where there are cakes, ice creams, sodas, etc. On top of that, you are required to check your blood sugar level from time to time. Ignoring this can lead you to suffer severe complications in your heart, kidneys and nerves.

For most patients, they’re relying more on prescribed medication and expensive treatments from their respective doctors. But they didn’t know that it was only meant to relieve them temporarily and may not improve their condition. Prescribed medications won’t help prevent your diabetes condition from getting worse in the upcoming years. However, there’s a chance that it can be prevented from getting into the worse stage with natural remedies.

These five proven natural remedies can help diabetics like you to save money from buying prescribed medicines to be maintained.

1 – Wild Carrot Tea (Queen Anne’s Lace)

One of the most effective natural remedies for treating diabetes is no other than the wild carrot tea. The scientific name of wild carrot is known to be Daucus Carota L. Also known as Queen Anne’s Lace, it has the ability to treat and prevent diabetes condition from getting worse through your body. Not only Queen Anne’s Lace can treat diabetes, but it also provides kidney support naturally.

Carrot leaves help control your blood sugar that proves to be good enough in treating diabetes. Using the traditional method of Queen Anne’s Lace would be a great idea to start off with the treatment in an ongoing basis.

2 – String Bean Pod Tea

Another natural remedy that you could count on is string bean pod tea. Due to its skin part, it contains substances which are closer to insulin production. It detoxifies important organs to maintain your health, including the pancreas.

However, you can’t be relieved by just drinking string bean pod tea for a day. In order for you to gain the full benefits of this tea and normalize the blood sugar levels, you need to drink this consistently for at least a few months.

3 – Strawberry Iced Tea

One of the most popular fruits in the United States is no other than strawberry. They may be high in sugar, but they’re considered low glycemic. Some diabetics wondered if they can consume strawberries for their diet. Since they’re low glycemic foods, diabetics can add this to their regular diet.

Strawberry iced tea is one of the ideal drinks for diabetics that has many health benefits. It includes boosting immune system, better metabolism and anti-cancer. It also contains fisetin which proves to be controlling your blood sugar level and prevent deterioration of the kidneys.

4 – Blueberry Leaves (Dried and Crushed)

One of the reasons that blueberry leaf is beneficial for diabetics due to its Vaccinium angustifolium Ait content. It has the same effect in producing natural insulin that could control your blood sugar from increasing.

However, there are few cases that consuming dried and crushed blueberry leaves could cause adverse effects. To make sure, kindly consult to your doctor or family physician first before attempting to consume this.

5 – Aloe Vera

There are a few reasons that aloe vera is useful for diabetics. It’s very effective in terms of reducing and controlling your blood sugar. Within  a couple or more months, your blood sugar level will decrease between 40% to 50% by just consuming fresh aloe vera juice consistently.

Not only that, aloe vera has no side effects that benefits diabetics a lot. In your bloodstream, aloe vera’s content has the capability to remove excess glucose for good.

BONUS TIP: Relying on these natural remedies above isn’t a good option alone. Having diabetes isn’t an excuse that you cannot perform physical activities from time to time. Your body needs to stay healthy as long as possible, and it’s really a must.

Here are some activities you can do almost daily:

  • Light contact sports activity
  • Indoor (with bike trainer) and outdoor biking (regular or mountain bike)
  • Yoga
  • Zumba dance
  • Stretching
  • Cardio exercises

Final Thoughts

If you don’t start finding ways to control your diabetes naturally, you may end up spending big money for hospital bills later on. Now that you’ve finally learned about the proven natural remedies for diabetics, it’s time for you to try them as soon as possible. Although it’s almost impossible to reverse this degenerative condition, but you’ve got nothing to lose in trying them out.



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