Dieting CAN Be Fun! Try These Tips

With summer only a couple of months away, many of us are feeling enthusiastic about eating well and getting in shape in order to look and feel beautiful and beach ready. But within a few days this enthusiasm will have worn off for most people. But why? Well, because most of us will give ourselves a diet regime that’s, let’s face it, downright boring and miserable.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. I am here to tell you that dieting CAN be fun! I’m sure you are sceptical, as I was, but keep reading and I will give you a few tips that I have found very effective at making my weight loss and fitness goals exciting and enjoyable.

  • Eat what you want

Most people think dieting is all about eating flavorless salads. But think again! Even on a diet you can eat what you want. Okay, there is a catch, but it’s only a small one. Healthy swaps. Drooling over the thought of spaghetti Bolognese? Choose turkey mince instead of beef, make your sauce with fresh tomatoes and use whole grain or courgette spaghetti. Doesn’t that sound yummy? And I bet you’ll be hard pushed to find something you want that you can’t make healthier (and more delicious) with just a few alterations.


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  • Choose a diet plan for YOU!

If you have decided to follow a diet plan, taking your time to find the right one for you will lead to better commitment, results and enjoyment! For example, women may wish to find out more about the venus factor system which is a popular diet plan that is specifically tailored for female bodies. Or, if you find it easier and more enjoyable to eat healthy than exercise, look for programs that are more focused on dieting than fitness.


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  • Find a friend

Something that will surely make your diet and fitness plans more fun is doing it with a friend or relative. When you are on the treadmill, one thing that can make this exciting is having a good old chat with your pal while jogging. Dieting and working out with a friend will not only make both more fun. It means you’ll also be able to provide mutual support and motivation, and perhaps a bit of competition if that’s what helps!


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  • Mix things up

A lot of the time, the reason for becoming bored and dropping our diet and fitness plans is because we do the same workout and eat the same things day in and day out. Variety is the spice of life, so do what you can to mix things up on a regular basis. Research and try out some new healthy recipes and try out a new exercise class. And as the weather starts to get warmer, take your workouts outside and give some exciting outdoor activities like surfing or hill walking a shot.

I told you! There are ways to make dieting fun. Try out these tips and you’ll be laughing all the way to your perfect summer body.