Exercise in Your Working Time

Many of us lead such hectic lives that it’s hard to make time for exercise during the week. Waking up early to work out in the morning can be a struggle while often after work we’re too exhausted to make the effort. It’s that period in between where our high energy levels should be put to best use.

However, that’s also when most of us are out earning a living, which is why the weekend may be the only time any serious exercise gets done. There are ways to maximise your working day to fit in exercise without using up leisure time.


Start and end your working day with a feel good boost by running or cycling to work. This isn’t possible for everyone but if you live within a few miles from your workplace and currently drive or use public transport, this is a great switch to make.

The initial cost of buying a bike is soon recouped by the savings made on petrol and bus or train fares. Running to work is a great way to get your heart and endorphins beating, though it is best if there’s a shower at work or even in a gym nearby your offices.

During The Day

Throughout the day while you’re sat at a desk it can seem hard to get moving and burning any calories. There are some quick and easy exercises you can do without looking too ridiculous. Or if your office has a spare room dedicate 15 minutes a day to doing these exercises with a small group.

Tricep dips can be done from most chairs while planks and sit-ups require no equipment and can be completed relatively inconspicuously. Take the stairs rather than lifts and ensure you stand up as much as possible, requesting standing desks if possible. Then regular walking and jogging on the stop can be done too.

Lunch Hour

Make the most of your lunch hour by visiting a local gym, if there is one. This saves time after work for other activities. If there isn’t a gym nearby then going for a short run or just a brisk walk will still burn more calories than being sat eating at your desk. Ask around to see if any other colleagues are interested and you could form a lunch hour running club. You’re all more likely to regularly do it when there are others there pushing each other on.