Fitness Gadgets for Every Goal

Whether you’re just about to start your fitness journey or looking to keep on top of your health, there is now some incredible innovations in technology which has made it much easier to tackle.

Gone are the good old days of having to step on the scales every week or count your own calories, as there are now tools that can do it all for us.  So all the working out we have to do is kept to the gym!

We all love a bit of technology especially when it makes our lives easier.

So what are your goals?

Eat Better

Getting our five a day can be a tough task munching our way through all that fruit and veg on a daily basis.  It’s much more tiring than the health experts will admit. But condensing it all down into a smoothie is one of the easiest and most popular ways to get all the goodness without all the hard work.

Blenders such as the Nutri Bullet have become kitchen gadget must haves, as healthy and fit folk alike attempt to get the nutrition they need in one easy drinkable.

It’s so much easier to add more fruit and veg to your diet when it’s combined into a drink, but don’t forget to occasionally add the real stuff to your diet, as simply eating an apple can burn more calories than your taking in.

However if it isn’t the food that’s the problem but the amount you’re consuming, they’ve even got a gadget for that.

The Hapifork is a hybrid version of your meal time essential, and when you’re chowing down too fast, it will vibrate to tell you to slow down.

Let’s admit it as much as we all love food, it can sometimes be our weakness.

Quit Smoking

One of the worst habits for health, smoking is slowly starting to become less of a social norm than it did so many years ago. But if you’re still hooked and wanting to kick the habit, an E-cigarette can help to give you the hit you need without the harm.

Despite the varied reports across the media, there’s no denying that these clever pieces of technology have helped many people quit a long life problem.

Many brands offer a variety of starter kits and tasty e-liquids such as these, that can help curb the craving when it hits.

Helping to keep hands busy, and more sociable than traditional cigarettes, it’s a great stepping stone on the road to being completely smoke free.

Move More

If you’re sat down for long periods of time during your working hours it can increase your risk of an unhealthy mind and body.

We’ve all been there, when we get our heads stuck in our computers and forget about reality, but taking breaks is important and getting active even more so.

To keep track of your movement the Fitbit not only counts how many steps you take in a day, but also vibrates when it feels as though you’ve been sat for too long.

This can be a great tool in motivating you to take a walk at lunch time or even just to get up and walk around the office.

When you make small changes like this you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel and how many calories you will be burning.

Although many of these gadgets can be quite costly, there is nothing more invaluable than your health.