Game Meat – Alternative Protein Sources You Should Consider


Anyone who takes muscle building seriously knows that meat consumption is a must. Protein supplements, such as whey and casein, are just that – supplements. If you want sustainable energy during workout and faster recovery times, regular meat consumption is imperative.

For most, this is limited to chicken and beef due to their widespread availability and relatively cheap pricing. However, sticking only to chicken and beef poses some challenges to gym-goers.

Challenges with chicken and beef consumption

As the old saying goes, “variety is the spice of life”. For guys and gals who are eating to build muscle, this is particularly true. Along with working out eating is probably one of the most important things you do because it that’s where all of the benefits from your work in the gym starts to pay off.

So it’s important to have variety in meat consumption. Chicken can get boring quickly, no matter how you try to spice it up. Beef, which offers a bit more variety than chicken in terms of prep, shouldn’t be the sole source of meat due to the inherent risks in consuming it, especially in high volumes.

Another challenge with having chicken and beef as your sole source of meat relates to where it comes from. That is, almost all of the cheap chicken and beef widely available in grocery stores today is the result of a factory model. The animals are pumped with growth hormones and antibiotics and live in terrible conditions. If long-term health is at all a concern of yours, you know this isn’t the type of meat you want to consistently consume.

Alternatives to chicken and beef

Turkey is usually the first alternative to chicken meat that people think of. However, turkey meat consumption can pose similar challenges that chicken does. Enter turkey meat. While nutritionally similar to chicken, turkey offers a gamier and fuller taste that many prefer. Turkey meat is available is select grocery stores but the best way to get it is to hunt it yourself. That way you know the absolute source of the meat and have 100% confidence with how the animal was killed.

Elk meat is a tasty alternative to beef. Like beef, elk can be prepared in a number of ways – ground, steaks, patties, etc. But the great thing about elk is that it doesn’t have the fat and cholesterol content that beef does so it is a more sustainable to regularly consume. Also available in select grocery stores but, if you can, try hunting for elk yourself. Hunting elk is a bit trickier to get into than pheasant hunting because elk are not as widespread and more difficult to track. However, if you have the opportunity, definitely give it a shot. You’ll quickly introduced to a whole new world and may even find that elk hunting can be a workout in and of itself!