Gear Up for Running


Running is a great way to stay active. It engages all sorts of groups of muscles and helps with weight loss, general wellbeing and staying in shape. It’s almost a perfect activity. It can be done on your own, in pairs or teams and there are usually special running tracks so you don’t need to worry about traffic when playing your favorite tunes with your earphones on. However, running can be very tricky during several times of the year, especially spring and summer, as the weather is very susceptible to sudden changes and it’s difficult to plan on not getting wet from the rain or exposing yourself to too much wind or something similar. That is why people generally don’t make running a habit that lasts throughout the whole year, which is a mistake. With a little bit of good organization and proper equipment, you’ll be good to go for a run during all sorts of weather conditions.

A good shell

First, we need to establish what a good shell implies. Well, it definitely requires two essential qualities – being waterproof and being lightweight. If it’s cold outside, you need to stay warm and dress well enough for a run. However, if it’s just chilly, try tying a sweatshirt around your waist so you can wear it once you’re done with your running tour since you’ll be sweaty and cold. The trick is to have layers so you can adjust to the weather conditions at times like these. The last thing you need is to catch a cold while trying to stay healthy.

Proper gear

When dressing adequately is mentioned, you need to pay attention to a couple of things. First, layers, as we already said. Then, not only should you wear several layers of clothes, but you also need to mind the fabric. That is why it’s important to buy sporting equipment instead of adjusting your regular clothes to fit your running needs. You can find quality Ryderwear gym wear online even without having to pay a fortune. There are special discounts and offers, you just need to check for them regularly.

Training shoes

Whether you’re the type of runner that stays on track or you prefer going off-road, you definitely need a good pair of running shoes. That doesn’t mean they need to be expensive or particularly fancy, but they do need to have certain qualities. In the summertime, you should probably opt for the most lightweight option there is, since it’s extremely warm and you need to feel lighter in order to be able to run in the heat. However, during the winter, you should choose a more classical option – regular training shoes that will serve you well for running, but also protect you from wet surfaces, snow or sharp objects.

Staying hydrated

One of the most important things when you’re running is to stay hydrated, but at the same time, it’s one of the most annoying things ever. Carrying a bottle around is really frustrating and it’s hard to keep your balance throughout the process. If you’re annoyed by bottles, try getting a hydration belt. Although recommendations can be found on every corner, it’s best if you try these on yourself because everybody is different and what feels good to someone, may not feel good to you too.

Protect your electronics

Another important issue definitely is your electronic gear. We all love to listen to some awesome music while running. There are apps on our phones we use to keep track of our pace, time, speed, etc. Nevertheless, when thinking about various weather conditions, the question of protecting your electronics raises itself quite naturally. Luckily, you can find excellent waterproof phone cases, as well as custom made ones that can fit your needs entirely.

Running is an excellent activity and it can be done all year long. As you can see, with the right amount of enthusiasm, anything can be done. Just go the extra mile, get yourself properly ready for a run and you can do it anytime you like. You’ll see that sometimes running feels even better in winter or when it’s raining, especially later on, once you’re in the shower.