Great Cycling Accessories All New Cyclists Should Have

Cycling is a great activity to get involved in. It’s good exercise and a great way to spend time. However, it is worth noting that a bike is only the first purchase you need to make. While there are many accessories that you can avoid buying and still get a lot from cycling as a hobby, there are a few accessories that are considered fundamental basics.

The Tools

It’s no fun when you are out and about on your bike in the middle of nowhere when find yourself stuck because something has gone wrong with it. The thing to remember is though, is to remember that a bike is a very simple invention and the majority of repairs can be carried out using some simple and portable tools.

By far the most mechanical problem you are going to face out on the road are punctures. Which can be solved by having a pump, tyre levers and an inner tube. Another essential piece of kit is a multi-tool that comes with various chain link extractors, torx bits, a flat-headed screwdriver and Allen keys.

The Clothing

Although you may not wish to invest in much when you are just getting started, cycling clothing is something you need to give important consideration to. The reason being is that you can bank on the UK having around 9 months of poor weather, which means you need clothing that both keeps you dry and warm. While you could easily spend a small fortune, what you should be aiming for is having a wardrobe for cycling that consists of lightweight jacket that can be packed, gillet, knee and arm warmers, bib-shorts and a short-sleeved jersey.

The Helmet

It really goes without saying that a cycling helmet is important, whether you are riding on main and busy roads or quiet country lanes, to protect you from head injuries if you have a nasty fall. When you are looking for one you need to ensure that it meets the EU standard and while you may be tempted by a more expensive product, you should know that it usually means its better ventilated and lighter, rather than it being more robust. Also look for a helmet that has a tactile adjustable dial at the top or back to loosen or tighten the cradle’s grip round the head, easy to adjust straps and absorbent pads.

Water Bottle And Storage Cage

Although much of the cycling paraphernalia you need to invest is can be quite expensive, there are some things that are not too costly. In particular, a good water bottle and storage cage are one of the “best value” purchases you need to spend money on. Usually you will find that your bike already has one, but even if you need to purchase one, because they are pretty much a standard thing, you will find that most cages fit most bikes.

Cycling Shoes And Clip less Pedals

You may not have felt that cycling shoes were much of an important thing but if you are looking to take cycling serious, they are accessories you need to invest in. Working in a similar way to a ski binding, cycling shoes and clip-less pedals can greatly improve the effectiveness of your pedalling. Which, of course, is important if you want to get to the point where you can go faster and harder and improve your level of fitness.