Healthy Eats Behind the Wheel



With so many convenient fast food choices along your daily commute, eating healthy while on the move is a constant challenge. Forget that 1,300 calorie double chip mocha choco latte on your way to the office in the morning. Are those empty calories really worth it? Instead, you should commit to three weeks of healthy eats while on the road and behind the wheel of the car. For big city commuters and road warriors alike, eating while driving is a reality and there are plenty of healthy options to keep you fueled up.

You can avoid the urge to splurge on any junk food by packing healthy meals and snacks for the car at home. There are even really functional organizational gadgets made for keeping snacks organized in your car. You can read more about them, and even ways to keep your car clean after a week of eating meals and snacks in it, at One of the best car snacks, full of protein and guaranteed to satisfy your hunger is beef jerky. Gone are the days of boring beef jerky. These days there are plenty of kinds from which to choose that incorporate exciting flavors and even meats other than beef for more adventurous eaters. The beauty of beef jerky in the car is that it isn’t messy, can be eaten with one hand and little effort and will actually satisfy your hunger while on the road.

Another healthy option is to pack small bags of fresh fruit and cut vegetables. Of course, depending on the weather where you live, these might require a small cooler on your passenger seat to remain something you actually want to eat. Small bags of cut up fruit and vegetables can include anything you like. Try the old standard of carrots and celery, apples, berries, or even pepper strips. The options are varied as your taste buds and preferences allow. You can also pair your vegetables and fruits with small cubes of cheese, or Mozzarella string cheese, depending on your tastes.