How to Get a Lean, Toned Bikini Body: An Exercise Guide

If you want to get a lean, toned bikini body with just the right amount of muscle definition, then you need to perform certain exercises which will help you reach your goals. Ideally, you need to build lean muscle while burning away excess fat, and afterwards you should be left with your ideal body type! It isn’t rocket science, although some people treat it like it is. Here’s your exercise guide so you can look amazing on the beach this year:

High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity interval training is better than any plain old cardio exercise you’ll ever do. Not only does it speed up your metabolism, it torches more calories in the long run and your body continues to burn them long after you’ve stopped exercising. Take sprinting for example; by just comparing the body type of long distance runners and sprinters, you’ll see why short bursts of exercise are better for getting that bikini body shape.


While high intensity interval training is the most effective, you do need to alternate with some regular cardio sessions too; otherwise you could put an overtrained effect on your body. Try doing an uphill walk for 30 minutes, or even going on a stairmaster. Never do more than 45 minutes of cardio, as this is when your body will start to eat away at your muscle, and you’ll undo all of your hard work. A trainer from a gym in Rotheram, for example, could give you more advice on cardio.

Lift Weights

Yes: lift weights, you read that right. Before you run for the hills, hear me out; women do not have enough testosterone to become as big as a man, unless they take steroids. Pure and simple. Women who lift weights look toned and defined, with little body fat – the exact body type many women crave! Yet women are still spending hours on the treadmill, burning away that precious muscle.

Full Body Strength Training

While you should have days where you focus on particular body parts, e.g. leg day, you should also have days where you do all over body workouts. You can use weights in these workouts, but they should be light enough so that you can work quickly and intensely without hurting yourself. Kettlebells are great! This will help you to build the most muscle and burn the most fat.

Core Work

Core work alone won’t get you a flat, toned stomach. A flat stomach is all about nutrition, so first of all you need to make sure that you’re eating just enough calories to fuel your day and workouts, while still having enough of a deficit to burn fat. This needs to be fairly gradual though, so don’t do anything silly. Also, calories aren’t the only thing you should worry about – you can’t eat all of your calories in chocolate and expect to look gorgeous. The food you eat needs to be clean!

You can do core exercises to have a lean stomach to show off once you’ve burned away the fat. Another great thing about lifting weights is that many exercises use your core muscles too!

Now go and get bikini ready!


Image Author: Flickr