How to Get Involved in Sports and Fitness Coaching for the Deaf Community

If you’re looking for a way to help others and improve your own sporting skills then you may be interested in coaching for the deaf community. There are many organisations and charities for those with hearing impairments, all crying out for volunteers and paid sports coaches. If you love sports and have a passion for helping others then here’s how to get involved.

The Proper Training

There are many courses available for those who are interested in coaching the deaf community. If you have ever taken part in coaching training before then you may only need a day course, in order to help you better understand the needs of those with hearing impairments. If you’re completely new to the world of fitness training and sports coaching then there are several longer courses available to help bring you up to speed. The training should help you better understand the barriers that deaf athletes face, the different needs of players and participants and the level of communication needed in order to become a coach. These courses vary in price and there are also grants available for those who wish to volunteer, but cannot afford the training costs.

Talk to Local Charities

Once you have completed your coaching course, it is time to find out which organisations are looking for volunteers. There are plenty of charities which are on the lookout for sports and fitness coaches, if you know the right places to look. Start off locally and contact any organisations that are specifically catered towards deaf people. If you’re having no luck then contact national charities instead, such as UK Deaf Sport. These organisations will be able to point you in the right direction and tell you of sporting events around the country.

Getting Started

Before long you should have your first opportunity to coach the deaf community in a particular sport or as a general fitness teacher. It is important to be prepared for your first class, as it is bound to be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Make sure you have all of the things you need to get started; you may need to buy hearing aid equipment and sports gear if these things are not already provided. Remember to utilise everything you learnt in your training course and to understand the importance of communicating with your new learners.

Enjoy It

You wanted to become a sports and fitness coach for the deaf community, for a reason, and this should be more than enough to motivate you to turn up every day. If you enjoy the work you do then the people you are coaching will enjoy themselves, as well. Every time you organise a class or one-to-one training you will be making a difference to the lives of others; this is an incredible reason to go to work. Not many people can hold their heads up high and say they make a difference to others, so enjoy every moment of it. You may even make some lifelong friends along the way.

Sports coaching for the deaf community can be a tough experience, but one that you can take so much away from. Not only will you be helping others, but you’ll also be expanding your communication skills and developing as a professional. That’s more than enough reasons to smile about your new role!


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