How to Stay Healthy and Active in the Winter Months

The winter is fast approaching and the cold weather will soon descend. It’s hard to stay motivated in the cold months when there’s frost on the paths and the nights are longer but don’t let your summer efforts slip away. Here’s our top tips for staying healthy and active in winter, even when all you want to do is crawl under the duvet with a cocoa!

Eat Well

Eating well doesn’t mean eating less, it means choosing foods that will benefit your body’s natural balance. In fact, we may have to eat more calories in winter in order to stay warm and combat the effects of the cold conditions. Stock up on hearty soups and stews to battle away the winter chill. Soups are an easy way to get one of your 5 a day because they tend to be loaded with a variety of vegetables and super foods. Warming foods such as chilli and ginger are great for keeping you warm both inside and out and are said to have numerous medicinal benefits such as boosting the immune system; perfect for keeping the cold virus at bay!


Weather conditions often prevent outdoor activities in the winter, and this can affect your exercise routine. Bring your fitness schedule inside with studio equipment such as dumbbells, step trainers and gym balls that are easily transportable and can be discreetly stored away. The Fitness Warehouse UK stock a huge range of indoor studio equipment as well as large equipment such as treadmills and cross trainers. Inspire yourself with online exercise tips and videos, why not even try something different like yoga or Zumba? Most gyms now run classes in dance related fitness such as Zumba and aqua-aerobics, so check out the programs your local centre.

Stay Warm

Staying warm in winter is easier said than done, but not everyone understands the risks of being consistently cold. Not only can this lead to minor illnesses such as cold and flu but can also cause psychological problems such as depression and serious health conditions such as heart attacks and pneumonia. The flu jab is entitled to those over 65, pregnant women, people with certain medical conditions (see NHS online), people who live in a residential home, carers and healthcare workers. Check on the NHS website to see if you are entitled to a free flu jab. For tips on how to keep warm in very cold conditions click here.