How your senses change over time and how you can combat this

Our senses  co-operate together; they are deeply affected by our environment and how we use them changes over time. They are not built to last, like us our senses develop and change over time, as well as fade as time goes by.

This article will look at a few of our senses, how they have developed over time and how they decline over time. It will also advise on how we can combat this, and ways to improve them.

Our senses help build a picture of our surrounding environment, how it smells, looks, taste, sounds and so forth. Our senses are connected to each other in a variety of different ways, so knowing how to care for them as we get older is essential to preserve how we see the environment in which we live in.

Age and Getting Older:

As we get older our senses naturally decline, this is inevitable. The complex nerve pathways become less finely attuned, and ultimately require further stimulation to produce results. For example, have you ever had to have a couple of mouthfuls of food before you can actually work out what ingredients are involved? This process has prolonged as you have gotten older. Noises must be louder; objects need to be closer, and tastes need to be stronger in order for us to decipher what they are

Age Related Hearing Loss:

Age related hearing loss is known as presbycusis, and it is very common. Around half of us will suffer from it from about 75 years old. Of course, many things can impact this. This may not be caused by a natural decline of your senses, instead it could be because that you have been  exposed to loud noises on a regular basis, it could be because that it is a genetic fault in your own genes, or high blood pressure and other lifestyle choices you have lived by.

Hearing Aid companies, like Stanford Hearing Aids, can help you hear better by installing a little piece of technological kit that improves your hearing. Technology plays a huge part in trying to prolong our senses.

Other Senses:

Over time your vision can start to decline too. It is estimated that your vision can start to deteriorate from very early on, even as early as your thirties. Vision deteriorates more when your eyes are  becoming more dryer, so it is important that you can, again from an early age, maintain the health of your eyes by keeping them moist. There are more natural changes afoot too, as when you get older your pupils actually decrease in size. So, as you get older you may need to wear a pair of glasses, even if this is for reading only. If you use a computer, you may need glasses too, this is because your eyes are focused on just one visual aid for so long, it dries them out.

Taste buds and sense of smell also start to decline as you get older. When you hit middle age you will start to notice that you require stronger flavours in food and drink. This could be a reason why our taste in food and drink changes over time, we need stronger flavours in our food. Our sense of smell declines at this point in our lives too, and there is not much you can do about this. However, the great thing is that getting older means that you get to be a whole lot wiser!



Photo Credit: Vinoth Chandar