Key Tips to Help You Stop Smoking and Start Vaping

For decades now, health authorities and the governments which support them have tried to get people to stop smoking. While smoking numbers were already on the decline before the arrival of e-cigarettes, much of this decline has been attributed to people not taking up smoking in the first place rather than people actually giving up. The arrival of vaping, however, gave smokers an effective way to wean themselves off cigarettes gently, or, at the very least to reduce the damage they do to their lungs. With this in mind, here are three tips to help you stop smoking and start vaping.

Choose the right e-cigarette

It is often suggested that those new to vaping should start with a disposable e-cigarette. The problem with this approach is that disposable e-cigarettes are made out of low-grade parts (to make them cheap enough to be disposable) so, at best you’re going to have a poorer experience than you would if you had used a better e-cigarette. 

If you are in, or can get to, a larger city, you may be able to visit a specialist retailer to get advice on which e-cigarette is right for you, if you can’t or if you know you want to start vaping as affordably as possible, then look on the pre-loved market. Many people, who use vaping as a stepping stone to giving up, are happy to sell on their old vaporizers to help someone else so there are often bargains to be found. They may even clean it and change the mouthpiece for you (decent retailers certainly will) or you can do it yourself.

Give yourself time to adjust to the different mechanics of smoking and vaping

This may seem like an odd comparison, but the difference between smoking and vaping is a bit like the difference between brushing a carpet and vacuuming it. When you brush a carpet, you generally use short, sharp movements, in the same way as smokers generally take quick “puffs” on a cigarette. When you vacuum a carpet, you move the vacuum cleaner slowly allowing it time to do its job properly before moving on. Likewise, when you vape, the idea is to breathe in slowly, allowing the e-liquid vapour to fill your mouth and then progress into your lungs. It’s only a small change and most people find it easy to adapt, but it can make a big difference to your vaping experience.

Choose your nicotine level to match your usual consumption

Premium e-liquids have varying levels of nicotine content. When you first start vaping, choosing an e-liquid which has a similar effect to your normal brand of cigarettes can help to smooth the transition. Once you are used to vaping, you can start using eliquids with lower levels of nicotine and then potentially mix up vaping with other “stop-smoking” products such as patches and gum, before finally giving up completely. 

As a rule of thumb, once you’ve made it down to 3mg/ml then you’re probably ready to start the process of giving up completely, although you may want to hold on to your vaporizer for a while until you’re confident that you really have kicked the nicotine habit.

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