Running Websites

Whether you run for fun or take part in half or full marathons this kind of exercise sure brings out everyone’s competitive streak! Those in training for a big event particularly benefit from the great websites and apps currently available to help you in your quest. There are some truly awesome ones out there, and some pretty poor ones as well. We’ve had a look at the former to bring you our take on which ones will help you the most. Take a look below and see which one best suits your needs when getting ready for that big race. All of the websites below come complete with apps so you can track your progress on your mobile devices for extra convenience.


Active are a veritable one stop shop when it comes to everything related with running and sport in general. They are not only a leader in registering for events online but also make it much easier to prepare for these event. Whether you are seeking a challenge in a 5k race or a marathon the best in the U.S are listed here and allow you to book your place. They have a team of experts on board so you know all the advice you get is bang on the money and you are doing everything right. When you register you get a great profile on which you can track your process. This also gives you useful information about other Active users across the globe of your gender and in your age group. This is a valuable tool to see how you compare with these runners and give you goals to aim for. You have access to training plans, fitness calculators and much much more when you register with Active, so it’s little wonder it’s so popular.


This website and app gives you rewards to track your progress in the form of virtual medals. The ethos behind this site is to give constant feedback so you are always aware of your progress. This is tracked through detailed stats which are easy to understand and as you are compared against your peers you have goals to aim for. Smashrun currently have a pro feature in development which has been designed by runners for runners. This is similar to the one already offered by Active and several other sites and will be a valuable tool for existing Smashrun members who want to take their running to the next level.


The mantra of the website is to train, analyze and improve. RunningAHEAD offer a free running log that is simple to use and lets you record every aspect of your training. This includes the miles you have covered and to plan your running routes in advance. You are also able to create different workouts and custom activities. The profiles are pretty basic and you enter your data manually. You can also directly upload your workouts from Garmin Forerunner data files or GPS. Another feature is the ability to analyze all the data relating to your running and display your maps and stats on your blog, Facebook profile, or both. There is a lot of emphasis on identifying your weaker areas through the analysis of your stats, but to be honest this shouldn’t really need to be explained.