Sometimes The Gym Can Get Boring. Here’s How You Keep It Interesting

Hands up, who signed up for a new gym membership this January? Most of us catch the exercise bug early. It’s a new year, time for a new start. We all over indulged through Christmas and we have to get back into shape. Sound familiar? It’s a great plan. The new year is the perfect time to set new goals and get healthy. However, the gym can get boring quickly. It’s so easy to lose motivation and slowly stop going. By March we’re back into the bad habits. There is a solution. Here’s how to avoid that slump and keep things interesting.

Take friends

There’s no better motivation than having a buddy with you working out. They can encourage you to actually get up off the sofa and go to the gym on your low days. Once you are there, they’ll give you encouragement. They’ll spot your weights for you. They’ll push you harder and further than you would yourself. If nothing else, they’re just a friendly face to chat to. The time will fly by and you’ll go harder. Why not try making friends there? Everyone’s in the same position. Just ask someone to give you a hand or simply say hello.


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Join classes

Make one of your workouts a gym class. It’ll be nothing like the boring treadmill session. It will liven up your workout and exercise muscles you didn’t even know about. Most gyms around the country offer extra classes. Whether you’re in Birmingham, Manchester or London, there’s always a class for your tastes. Like cycling? Try a Spinning class for the ultimate cycling exercise. Remember, experts run these classes. You’ll get a better workout and keep the experience interesting.

If you’re doing the same things over and over again, you’re not making good use of the gym. Not only will it pound away at your motivation, you’re not working all of your muscles. If you go to the gym three times a week and only ever use the cross trainer, change things up. Switch to the bike one day and the running machine the next. Mix it up with some rowing and throw in some interval sessions instead. Make use of all the equipment and try new things.

Keep setting goals

Nothing will motivate you more than smashing a new personal best. Once you reach a new best time or heaviest weight, pat yourself on the back, then set a new challenge. Keep looking to the next thing and you’ll find the motivation to keep going.

What are you dreading? Lose it

After a while, you’ll start to dread the thought of going to the gym. What’s causing this feeling? Is it the thought of that huge goal you set yourself? Is it the prospect of runninganother 10k on the treadmill? Forget about it for a second. Working out should be fun. If you’re starting to dread it, just start small again. Do an enjoyable run or find a new challenge that excites you.

There are endless ways to make the gym work for you. The trick is to keep it varied and continually set new challenges. That’s the key to maintaining fitness. So, put the music on loud and get into the gym!