Speed Up Your Fitness Results: 6 Tricks

I know first-hand that fitness results take an age to show through. That’s the reason many people give in before they’ve achieved what they set out to achieve! We can also hit plateaus if we’ve been doing the same thing for too long. Here’s how to speed up your fitness results with 6 clever tricks:

1. Drink Lots of Green Tea

Green tea has metabolism speeding properties, so if you don’t currently have it in your diet, add in a couple of mugs per day. It has many other benefits too! Some people say they don’t like the taste, but it really doesn’t taste like much and is definitely drinkable. You can even add lemon if you want a fruity zing and an added ingredient to boost your results!

2. Drink a Black Coffee Before a Workout

One black coffee before a workout can pump you up enough to get in beast mode and attack your workout. It’s no good lethargically doing your workout with a half hearted attitude – you need to be pumped up and ready to kill it! A simple spoonful of coffee with hot water can help you to achieve this.

3. Cut Down on Your Carbs

Carbs in excess can help us to have more energy, but in many cases we don’t need all of the energy they give us. Starchy carbs can even be stored as fat if we don’t use enough of them. Stick to just a couple of portions of carbs per day if you’ve earned them by working out, and eat plenty of vegetables/fruit for your non starchy carbs. While we’re on the subject of your diet, you can also add in some supplements to see better results. I recommend you read reviews first though, like these sytropin reviews, to make sure the supplement is right for you.

4. Always Aim to Better Yourself

Your workouts can’t stay the same if you want to change. You can only stick to a certain workout for a short amount of time before something must change. For example; the amount of reps/sets, the weight, the exercise, etc. This way, you’ll never hit a plateau and you’ll get better at a variety of exercises.

5. Measure Your Workouts

By measuring your workouts, you can make sure that something is improving each session. Whether you do this by simply writing down your times, weights, and sets, or wearing something like a FitBit, you’ll be more likely to try to beat yourself next time. Remember; you should be your only competition!


6. Have a Cheat Meal

Yep – it works! Hallelujah! If you eat clean all of the time, and make sure you have no slipups, you’ll be very dismayed to realise that your results have slowed right down. The way to combat this is to have a nice cheat meal. Have whatever you fancy; whether that’s ice cream, chips, chocolate, cheese…go wild! You’ll spike your leptin levels and shock your body, and this will encourage your body to get out of its plateau.

You need to shake things up to speed up your fitness results. Always keep things interesting and varied, and you’ll love the results. It’ll take months, and it might even take years, but you’ll get there!

Photo Source: Flickr