The Top 4 Reasons Why You Need to Start Running Today

Running. You either love it or hate it. Some people get a lot of pleasure from pounding the treadmill or the pavements. Others couldn’t think of anything worse. But, when it comes to exercise, running is one of the best ways to keep you in prime physical condition. What’s more, you will lose fat and build up muscle. If you are striving for a toned physique, then running is the best way to achieve this. It’s one of the more beneficial cardiovascular workouts. And, it’s free. You don’t need expensive equipment to start running.

So, if you are on the fence as to whether you should start running, you will soon have your mindset changed.

Reason 1: Live Longer and Healthier

When it comes to matters regarding your health, you naturally want to live longer and healthier. With this in mind, a daily run can make sure that you are living a healthier lifestyle for the long term. Any cardio exercise that is undertaken is good for your health. You don’t have to leap into sprints to feel the benefit. But, running at around 6 MPH for half an hour per day will give you a number of benefits that will help you live longer and healthier. It’s that simple.

Reason 2: Improve Your Quality of Life

As we know, running and exercise is the best way to combat the signs of stress and aging. But, as we age naturally, you need to ensure that you are living life to the full. Running ensures that you see out your twilight years in the best possible way. By running, you are improving your quality of life by ensuring that you are building on your immune system. What is more, you are leaving yourself less susceptible to age-prone disease. So, dig out your running shoes and check out the best womens running sneakers and see where your next run takes you.


Reason 3: Lose Weight in a Sustainable Way

Losing weight is 30% exercise and 70% nutrition. So, if you want to ensure that you are maximising your healthy eating plan, you need to start exercising in a more sustainable way. Running is one of the best ways of making sure that you are stripping fat. Your fat levels reside within your stomach, thighs and bum. So, if you want to get rid of this deadly fat, running is the best way to do this. You will feel stronger in the long term too. This is because you are building your muscle strength. To kick off a fat-loss regime in a better way, you need to complete high interval training techniques. This involves a mix of running, jogging and walking intercepted with sprinting. Do this is the best way to burn calories and make sure that you are the pinnacle of good health.

Reason 4: Boost Your Memory

With excellent exercise, comes greater knowledge. Well, sort of. You can expand your memory by going running. This is because endorphins are released thus improving your cognitive capacity. Memory loss is a side effect of stress too. So, by exercising you are releasing dopamine and combating stress as well as memory loss.

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