Tips For Betting On The NBA

Despite NBA basketball being one of the sports that can cause players to be injured and can affect their health and fitness, it is still nonetheless very popular among punters and willingly look for bookmakers and online sites to bet on. There are a lot of popular betting sites on the internet that you can bet on different basketball games, and one of them is William Hill basketball betting. They offer schedules of different tournaments, teams and player’s odds and performance and other data that can help a punter decide who to bet on. We also collected together some of the most useful tips we could to help you understand and follow the ups and downs of a long season which will help you predict better how to bet on certain games and teams.

Never Take for Granted the Home Court Advantage

When trying to determine the score line, bookmakers will normally afford at least a 3 or 4 point advantage, but when it comes to the NBA, the home court could be worth more points than that.

A look back at the 2009-10 season shows that among the teams that made it to the play-offs, the combined home court record was 476-180, compared to the on-road of 347-309. Even when looking at non-play-off teams the combined home results were 255-319 compared to 152-422 while out on the road.

Unless You Already Expect It, Learn to Expect the Unexpected

The NBA is always known to have odd things happen that no-one expected. Such as a team like the Boston Celtics defeating Miami Heat on their home turf but then visiting Cleveland Cavaliers and losing the very next night. This was mirrored perfectly with Portland defeating Phoenix and then the next night having to face the Clippers who were expected to win fairly comfortably, but the Trail Blazers won.

Look For Undervalued and Overvalued Teams

Every season there will be some teams that are overvalued and these are often teams like the Lakers, Cleveland and Boston. There are other teams though that fly under the radar and while it is easy to pinpoint roughly who the overvalued teams will be, the same can’t be said for undervalued ones. Although if you keep a close eye on the stats for the less popular and better teams in the NBA you may be able to spot a team that could perform better than expected.

There isn’t any secret equation or formula to winning bets made on the NBA, but if you do a little bit of research you can improve your chances of success.