Tips for Buying Rowing Machines for Home Use

If you are looking for the perfect home gym equipment to exercise your whole body, then you may be interested in buying a towing machine. However, you may have noticed that there is a wide variety of different brands and models available. This may make trying to choose the best one for your needs confusing and overwhelming. In the following post though, we will look at some aspects you should consider when buying a rowing machine.

Available Floor Space

When buying any kind of gym equipment for your home, available floor space is important. Hydraulic-powered rowing machines are normally the smallest and even if you are going to use it regularly (but not every day), these tend to be robust and durable enough to last a long time.

However, if you are going to use it daily, then a more expensive, high-end model may be better for repeated use. Some rowing machines are foldable, meaning that they take up even less space.

Who Is Going To Use It?

It is obviously important to give consideration to who exactly will be using it before you buy a rowing machine. Different people have different requirements. Tall people, for example, generally require machines with longer seat rails and higher off the ground; whereas shorter people will suit a machine that has a smaller seat rail.


A high-quality machine retail at various price points. Although you may be able to find a fairly inexpensive model and may think you have found a great deal – you need to be careful. Cheaper almost never equals better.

Look for a branded rowing machine that has a lot of positive reviews, like a Concept2 rowing machine for instance. You need to look at your rower as an investment.

Build Quality

The construction of the rowing machine you buy is vitally important, as you need to be comfortable while working out. If possible, check that the seat on the rowing machine can be easily adjusted and comfortable. It should provide the adequate amount of support for your back while ensuring you have enough space.


Regardless of the item, you are buying, you will want to ensure you get a product that is good value for money. Part of this involves making sure the manufacturer or even the seller offers an adequate warranty. Although if the product is high quality it is unlikely to break down, having a guarantee means that you have peace of mind that if something does go wrong, your investment will be safe.

Branded Is Easier To Trust

While it is perfectly acceptable to be thrifty, there are some things you should never cut corners on. When looking for a suitable rowing machine, you will want one that you are going to workout on safely, without causing yourself an injury.

Branded rowing machines are easier to trust then no-name models because brands such as Concept2 have a good solid reputation within the industry. This means you know you aren’t throwing away good money for old rubbish.