Top Fitness Tips and Tricks To Prevent and Manage Diabetes

One of the key ways to prevent and manage diabetes type 1 and 2 is by staying fit and healthy, as well as ensuring that you’re not overweight. If you are overweight then this is one of the main causes of diabetes in the world; along with family history of the illness and being over the age of 45. Those who are worried about their blood sugar levels should follow these fitness tips and tricks, in order to prevent or manage diabetes.

Staying Fit and Healthy to Prevent Diabetes

It is a well known fact that one of the key ways to prevent diabetes is by staying fit and healthy. Those who are unhealthy, eat a lot of fatty or sugary foods, and are overweight are at the highest risk of this disease. Trying to prevent diabetes and reversing prediabetes when unfit or unhealthy is almost impossible, so keeping in shape is vital. Ensuring that you eat a balanced diet of fruit and vegetables, protein and low-fat foods will help in a big way, but you also need to be exercising. Make sure that you’re getting half an hour of moderate to high intensity exercise every day, if you want to prevent diabetes as best you can.

Managing Diabetes with Exercise

Those who have already been diagnosed with diabetes (type 1 or type 2) will probably have been told by their doctor that they need to be keeping up regular exercise. When you exercise it releases the glucose in your body, in order to provide you with energy, and this can help to lower your blood sugar levels. Exercising on a regular basis will also help you to lose weight, which can reduce the worst symptoms of diabetes. There are plenty of other benefits to regular exercising, all of which can help you stay on top of your condition. One of the most common symptoms of diabetes is fatigue, which can make us feel like we don’t want to do anything. However, by exercising you can increase your energy levels and get rid of that excessive tiredness, once and for all.

Top Tips to Stay in Shape

If you want to stay in shape to prevent or manage diabetes, then here are some top fitness tips from the experts:

  • 30 Minutes A Day – We’ve briefly touched on the fact that you should be getting 30 minutes of exercise a day, but this can come in all shapes and forms. You don’t need to hit the gym for exactly 30 minutes; instead, try mixing up your regime. You can go for a brisk, 10 minute walk in the morning, then try 20 minutes of Zumba in the evening. As long as you’re hitting that 30 minutes or more in a day then you’re on the right track.

  • Get Moving More – You don’t need to have a specific exercise plan in place, if you want to stay in shape. In fact, just by moving around more often you can help reduce the risk and symptoms of diabetes. Walk to the shop instead of driving, climb the stairs instead of taking the lift and put more ‘oomph’ into the housework.

  • Set Yourself Goals – Try to turn working out into something more fun, but setting yourself goals and rewarding yourself. Start off small, such as 5 minutes of walking every weekday and gradually progress into bigger and better workouts. Reward yourself with a trip to the cinema, a shopping trip or a very tiny piece of chocolate.

Staying on top of your fitness can make a big difference to those living with diabetes, as well as those who wish to prevent this condition. Make sure you follow our top tips and work with your doctor to plan fitness goals that are right for you.



Photo by CherryPoint