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Keeping fit is something which can become one of the best hobbies around. It is also a pastime which many of us like to share with others in the form of passing on tips or personal experiences. If you would like to write for us then we would like to hear from you.

What kind of fitness guest post are we after?

First of all it needs to an interesting fitness blog article which keeps the reader entertained or informs them of something they might not have known about before. If it can be about your personal experiences that that would be ideal. However, as long as it is well written and researched we would be happy to accept blog posts on the like of “The 5 Top Ways to Get a Six Pack”.

General guidelines for guest bloggers

We always check whether the guest blogs which are sent to us are unique so please don’t send us an article which has been posted elsewhere on the internet.

The fitness or diet guest blog you send us can have in it 2 links which direct readers to your website. You can put these anywhere in the article where they fit in well and don’t disrupt the flow of it.

Generally speaking we would place more importance on the quality of the writing rather than a strict word limit. If you write an excellent and concise weight loss blog of 400 words then this is far more attractive to us than a long winded and pointless piece of 1000 or more words.

Formatting guidelines

We will be able to put up your guest post more quickly if you can send it to us in a word document and with the links already placed in it.

Another issue to consider is whether you have any pictures which could add to the appeal of the guest post. This is something which it is well worth considering, although if you don’t have anything which is perfect then we can find an image to use.

Do you still want to submit a fitness guest post?

Simply put your details in the form below and we will get back to you in 48 hours.

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